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Welcome to Reticulate Micro. We are an advanced defense tech company with broad commercial applicability. Our mission is to revolutionize video communications with our seamless and secure video compression technology that operates on any device, over any transport and in any environment. Discover the innovation of Reticulate Micro products and solutions.

Any Device, Any Transport, Any EnvironmentThe Ultimate In Compression Technology

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Video consumption is exploding, accounting for over 80%* of all internet data per day. Many users, including those in the military sector, are restricted to voice-only communication due to challenges in data transmission, security, and the threat of deep fakes. Reticulate Micro solves these problems by offering secure, high-quality video communication in scenarios where it was previously impossible.

One Login, One View, One Operating SystemCommon Platform For Simple Streaming Management

Many software platforms lock customers into proprietary ecosystems with limited interoperability among legacy systems. We take an open standards-based approach with VisionOS™ - the foundational platform common to all Reticulate products. VisionOS makes it easy to integrate our products into our users' mission-critical streaming environment without disruption. The VisionOS™ platform connects Reticulate products into daily workflows - enabling unprecedented levels of integration and interoperability, allowing our users access to their video data from anywhere on any network.

Command and control of all terminals in one single pane of glassBest-In-Class Satellite Terminal Management Platform

Managing satellite terminal networks has become increasingly challenging, especially with the proliferation of constellations in multiple orbits. VESPER coordinates and controls ever-expanding satellite terminal networks across broad distances from one central location. VESPER provides a full line of sight to the network edge in a highly secure, easy-to-use platform. Operators can quickly mitigate the impact of terminal outages while providing unprecedented visibility to any underlying network issues. VESPER is built on VisionOS™, the foundational platform common to all Reticulate products and featuring end-to-end quantum encryption.



VAST™ is a revolutionary video compression technology that delivers high-definition video in bandwidth-challenged and high-latency environments.


VisionOS™ is our foundational platform. It enables a single operator to manage, monitor and provision assets such as satellite terminals, sensors, cameras and more.


VESPERTM simplifies satellite network management to one screen, displaying fundamental health, metrics, and position data across operational networks and terminals.

Reticulate Micro Is Solving Key Market ChallengesData Generation Is Outpacing Transports, Capacity, and Security


Even with the advent of and availability of high throughput transports, data generation is outpacing transport and storage capacity. An estimated 82.5%* of current internet traffic is comprised of video-based content.


The generation of video-based and signal-based information has exponentially grown since the creation of the internet. Global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes within the next five years, up from 2 zettabytes in 2010 and 64.2 zettabytes in 2020.


Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled the real-time manipulation of video and signal sensor information. Deepfake videos are a growing threat, costing companies up to $188 billion in cybersecurity solutions, according to Gartner.
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