About Us

Trusted Communications Delivered

Reticulate Micro is a defense tech company with broad commercial applicability. Our mission is to create and curate communications technology and systems management platforms based on proprietary VASTTM technology that addresses the issues of limited data transports, deep fakes, and network fragility. We securely deliver Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video at low latency with maximum compression. VASTTM is explicitly designed for streaming any video at the highest possible resolution in bandwidth-constrained environments while reducing required technical resources. Our VISION OSTM platform empowers developers to easily integrate VASTTM and readily build decentralized, secure, and interoperable applications. Our platform provides an easy-to-use SDK that includes a wide range of APIs, libraries, and toolkits.

Reticulate Micro understands the needs of our customers. Video compression and encryption technologies are crucial components of defense tech security systems. As video data becomes increasingly important for defense applications like intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and tactical decision-making, the need for efficient, secure transmission and storage is more important than ever. Our unique advancements in video compression and encryption technologies are tailored for defense tech security, with an emphasis on maintaining high-quality video data while ensuring maximum data security.

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