Meet Reticulate Micro CFO Amit Shrestha


Meet Reticulate Micro CFO Amit Shrestha

Talking Digital Transformation, Cultivating a ‘Learn-it-all’ Mindset and Ensuring Customers Succeed

“The opportunities are big; the addressable market is big. I come with the mindset of learning and applying what I’ve learned. It’s going to be a journey, for sure, and I’m super excited.”

A veteran international finance leader and digital transformation champion, Amit Shrestha oversees Reticulate Micro’s finance function and serves as a strategic advisor on global growth strategy.

Following a two-decade career at Microsoft Corporation with stints at both small and large entrepreneurial firms, Amit brings a passion for fiscal discipline, diversity, and linking business processes and execution to customer success.

Thoughtful and well read, Amit brings a startup and immigrant mindset to everything he does. The native of Nepal shares a passion for digital transformation, having spoken on the topic at the World Finance Forum in Miami last month.

Below, he shares his three mantras for Reticulate, why everyone needs to embrace digital transformation and the authors and books that inspire him.

Q. What most excites you about joining Reticulate Micro?

Amit: First, having a lasting legacy or impact is really what I look for. That said, I have a decent public sector background and believe in this industry, particularly as we embrace this technology transformation. I see opportunities that are tremendous for us. Conflicts are happening from the South China Sea to eastern and western parts of Asia, to Latin America. There are a lot of geopolitical challenges that are good for the defense industry. The future of geopolitics is going to be substantially different than what you have known. There are a lot of bad actors and the most precious information that any country has is their information. Our solutions include post-quantum security, which brings security that wasn’t possible in the past.

As CFO, you will play a role in helping us achieve our goal to join the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) this year. What are your biggest priorities?

Amit: My three mantras are one, urgency – time is against us; two is to prioritize; and three, put customers first; everything we do has to be customers first. My work revolves around these three things. Yes, we must do certain financial funding activities, be it developing financial processes or building relationships with investment bankers, but it’s the urgency, prioritization and putting customers first that must guide us at a strategic level.

Q. For most of your career, you’ve been a major champion of digital transformation. Why is digital transformation a critical discipline in finance and how do you see it benefiting Reticulate?

Amit: Some people call this the fourth industry revolution. There was the steam engine, mass production, then the PC/internet era and now the fourth industry revolution — digital transformation.

In the future, many things we do will be performed by some form of artificial intelligence. During the industrial revolution, when we transitioned from steam engine to electric power, there was a company called Stanley Motor Carriage Company and a company called Ford Motor Company. Ford was able to rewire the entire workflow whereas Stanley didn’t. We know which company made it into history.

You cannot replace the electric motor where the steam engine was and leave everything else the same; you must rewire everything. The same is true for the digital transformation age. As I really look forward, it’s pivotal for us, both from a finance, as well as from a broader workforce perspective, to embrace the digital transformation era. We don’t need to rewire a lot of things. But it will increase the velocity of things by leaps and bounds. The foundation we are building embraces AI. Companies are really challenged by security and our strength is quantum-encrypted security.

Q. How are you embracing innovation from the CFO’s office to help us become a high-growth company

Amit: Our success really hinges on two things. First is the culture that we create. I like Carol Dweck, the author of the book, Growth Mindset. In the book she differentiates between a culture of “learn it all” versus “know it all,” as a key factor for us to be successful. Second, the future is all about digital transformation and digital transformation is about data. For me, being a finance guy, we need to embrace and apply the whole digital transformation at its core. It starts with proper governance and privacy.

We will change and continue to evolve at a much faster pace than we have experienced in the past. Success really depends on the culture that we create. The broader mindset a growth mindset will give us that for successful future.


Amits Recommended Reads

Q. You love to read business books and biographies — what are some recent books that you have found inspiring and recommend leaders read?

I recently read a book, Age of Revolutions, by Fareed Zakaria. It’s a fantastic book to understand learn history of the world and how it affected the world and how it impacted geopolitics, from what happened to the Roman Empire and how it really came down to what happened to what occurred in the US during the 2020 presidential election our Capitol Hill. It gives you a broader perspective.

The other book I’d recommend is Confessions of a Pricing Man by Hermann Simon. He’s a great intellectual for pricing strategy; some people don’t even compare him to some of the foremost management philosophers. It’s a good read for entrepreneurs — it beautifully describes the psychology of buying behavior, including how and why people behave when buying larger-ticket items. The gist of it is just because you price a product cheaper doesn’t mean people will buy it.

Another book is by Frederic Kerrest, the co-founder of Okta. He wrote Zero to IPO, which is about the journey of sleepless nights and the highs and lows of getting a startup to go IPO. The idea is that you need to focus on customers and not get distracted by too many things.

I also don’t miss any books by Adam Grant, Michael Lewis and Simon Sinek. Simon said we are in the fourth industrial revolution. The pace of change has increased 100-fold in the last century, and the pace at which we’re going will easily surpass that as we embrace automation and artificial intelligence. We must embrace automation and artificial intelligence and keep learning.

It’s exciting times. Our company is in a sweet spot; we must make sure we capture the market and help customers grow.

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