Combat Bound

An Innovative Warfighter Capabilities generation and services company based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, that designs, models and builds innovative prototypes focused on the needs of the military, first responders and law enforcement.

A cutting-edge technology company headquartered in Israel, NexTenna has built incredibly Thin™, extremely low power, low cost and rapidly steering flat panel antenna technology. Its flagship Ku and Ka-band user terminals are designed to provide internet from space.

A Lithuania-based hardware and software solutions innovator on a mission to deliver unbreakable connectivity. With more than 70 patents for its SpeedFusion SD-WAN technology, Peplink offers a full line of networking equipment, software solutions and services to enhance internet reliability, increase bandwidth and reduce costs for small to large enterprises.

A 100% Canadian innovator in the Quantum Communication space, Quantropi’s QiSpace™ is the only end-to-end quantum security SaaS platform with all three prerequisites for cryptographic integrity – Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy (TrUE). Powered by quantum mechanics expressed as linear algebra, Quantropi’s technology encrypts data in transit and data at rest — defending against today’s threats and tomorrow’s quantum-based attacks — without requiring the processing power of a quantum computer.

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