CEO of Reticulate Micro: On Disrupting the Status Quo, Creating Culture & Moving up the Value Chain


CEO of Reticulate Micro:

On Disrupting the Status Quo, Creating Culture & Moving up the Value Chain

January 28, 2024

Josh Cryer is on a mission: to shake up the status quo of product innovation in the communications and government space.

As president of CEO of Reticulate Micro, Josh is building a team of tactical satcom and defense tech experts to deliver disruptive tools and actionable intelligence necessary to navigate in the new battlespace. An expert on the communications requirements of frontline soldiers, he previously supported the U.S. Special Operations Community and NATO by defining and fast-tracking advanced satellite communication (SATCOM) products to these elite troops.

Below, Josh discusses the industry landscape and the type of innovation culture he is building at Reticulate Space to leapfrog conventional mindsets and practices necessary for disruptive innovation.

Q. How has the world of technology changed, and what does it mean for Reticulate Micro, especially compared to conventional companies in the defense sector?

Josh: We’re living in this golden era of technology convergence, rapid introduction of new technologies, and changes in the defense communications market. Within the space industry, there is a proliferation of multi-orbit satellite communication capabilities and a simultaneous consolidation of service providers. We’re also seeing advancements in discrete technologies that allow us to have higher throughput communications in ways that have never been achievable. It’s created a landscape ripe for disruption. At the same time, we have this global uncertainty, and that requires us to move and innovate faster if we want to stay ahead of adversaries.

Entrenched primes are locked into product and technology lines; they prioritize reducing risk to their existing business over disruptive innovation. It’s all about incremental improvement to protect their existing product lines.

At Reticulate Micro, we’re focused on radical honesty – embracing change and looking to the horizon – we can leapfrog current technologies because we are not encumbered by broken business practices and mindsets or fear of cannibalizing existing businesses.

Q. How has that played out at Reticulate?

Josh: I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet, but I can give a couple of examples of how we’ve been able to move quickly to meet customer needs and “desirements.” One of our customers asked about our ability to provide secure video with the emerging threat of quantum computing. The fear is that our adversaries could potentially break our encryption in real time with new quantum-based technologies.

In response, we have quickly pivoted to partner with another firm, yet to be revealed, that has a mature and proven approach to enabling quantum-resistant encryption to our video streaming, while simultaneously reducing the latency of our video; it is already the lowest latency video encoder on the market.

The other example is our ability to quickly restructure our team to tackle new opportunities in adjacent markets. We are about to establish a new part of our business that is focused on the operational domain of Space, and we have reorganized our team to accommodate that growth market.

Q. What type of culture are you building at Reticulate Micro?

Josh: Our company culture is deeply influenced by the United States Special Operations. They are the vanguard of new technology and purposed deep community – they innovate fast, enabled by trust. A third of our company has prior military experience and almost everyone else has supported the mission of the military. We’ve taken the ethos of this community to embrace change, whether it’s the way we interact as a team or the way we innovate with technology. We’re always looking for the next tactical strategic advantage, building and bringing those technologies together in a creative fashion so our customers gain an unfair advantage over adversaries. The significant enabler for us is our ability to move at the speed of trust. Every employee of Reticulate Micro shares a common passion for innovation, mission and pursuing honesty.

Q. How important is innovation as a core driver of your business?

Josh: Our risk factor is not innovating. We’re designing a corporate culture to never be structured in a way that stifles innovation. Because we’re a small organization, we don’t require high levels of bureaucratic oversight that slow down decision-making processes. We can decide on a new capability or strategic focus and execute quickly, because we built a team of trusted disruptors with a common mindset, common focus, who are customer centric.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily rely on the creation of new technologies. Some of the technologies we’re bringing together are not new; we’re just bringing them together in new ways. We’re able to quickly respond to changes in the political and communications markets and to the needs of our customers – because they must respond to those changes. That’s our competitive advantage.

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