Reticulate Micro Announces Additions To Management Team

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Reticulate Micro Announces Additions To Management Team

PALM BAY, Fla., Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reticulate Micro, Inc. (“Reticulate Micro”, “Reticulate” or the “Company”), whose mission is to create and curate communications technology and systems management platforms based on proprietary VAST™ technology that addresses the issues of limited data transports, deep fakes, and network fragility, announced the addition of two new executives and one engineering leader to its management team: Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Eddy Martinez, a proven leader in bringing new products to market; and Principal Architect Brian Hawkins, who has over 15 years of software and product development.

Joshua Cryer, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We are pleased to welcome Eddy, and Brian to the Reticulate Micro executive and management teams. We believe these three individuals bolster areas of our organization that are mission-critical to our success. With the addition of these three consummate professionals, we continue to round out a winning team that will pursue and drive the tremendous pipeline of growth Reticulate has available and execute on delivering results.”

About Eddy Martinez

Eddy Martinez has 30 years of experience promoting and realizing the business benefits of technology. He has a strong entrepreneurial streak and leadership experience in bringing new products to market. Eddy provided management consulting, business development, investment advisory, and technology solutions to his clients while serving as the Managing Partner of Digital Era Partners. He has been responsible for due diligence, project management, and annual capital expenditures for multiple high value projects over the years. As a leader with strong influence, communications, and relationship skills, he was tasked with leading large teams through major change initiatives. In doing so, Eddy built a strong network of customers, partners, and suppliers that he now engages at the speed of trust.

About Brian Hawkins

Brian Hawkins is a dedicated, results-driven professional passionate about technology and innovation, with 15 years of software and product development focusing on wearable tech and mobile app development. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Missouri State University. He has worked for both startups and established companies, contributing to and leading the creation of innovative wearable and digital solutions for defense and the public sector. Brian thrives on challenges, continuously expanding his knowledge and embracing innovative ideas to make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

About Reticulate Micro, Inc.

Reticulate Micro, Inc. seeks to be a market-leading provider of mission-essential, highly efficient, and ultra-secure video compression and analytics technologies. Our mission is to create and curate communications technology and systems management platforms based on our proprietary VAST™ technology that addresses the issues of limited data transports, deep fakes, and network fragility. Our hardware and software solutions are cloud-connected, coupling our proprietary video encoding algorithms with edge computational density and transport ubiquity, delivering superior video clarity and low latency to support decision-making. Our unique blend of algorithmic compression, data security, and virtualized infrastructure integration delivers immutable, verifiable, and trustworthy video data for military and first responder decision-makers, judicial systems, enterprise infrastructure monitoring and control, and general security solutions.

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