Reticulate Micro Awarded A Project Sanction Order With The Government Of India

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Reticulate Micro Awarded A Project Sanction Order With The Government Of India

PALM BAY, Fla.Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reticulate Micro, Inc. (“Reticulate Micro”, “Reticulate” or the “Company”), whose mission is to create and curate communications technology and systems management platforms based on proprietary VAST™ technology that addresses the issues of limited data transports, deep fakes, and network fragility, announced the Company was awarded a Project Sanction Order with the Government of India, in cooperation with our indigenous partner Sense Bird Solutions, and domestic partner Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, to support manufacturing and procuring Unmanned Aerial Platform (“UAP”) vehicles for India. The award represents an initial contract value of approximately $82.5 million with the potential for follow-on agreements.

“In partnership with Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, Reticulate Micro will work with the Indian Government and Sense Bird Solutions to incorporate our technology into India’s next generation, long-distance UAP program, powered by Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, K1000ULE UAS,” said Joshua Cryer, Reticulate Micro President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Indian UAP program represents a tremendous opportunity for Reticulate Micro to actualize the potential of our technology as an integral part of a headline effort for one of the most advanced militaries in the world. Kraus Hamdani Aerospace will bring an unparalleled UAP capability that will evolve the Indian Army’s connectivity on the battlefield to extraordinary levels of situational awareness and joint interoperability, and we are proud to partner with them in this effort.”

About Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace (“KHA”) is the world leader in ultra-long endurance Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS”) systems. KHA’s K1000ULE is the world’s longest endurance fully electric zero emissions autonomous unmanned aircraft in its size and weight category. The K1000ULE provides a wide array of payload capabilities while mimicking nature by utilizing onboard Artificial Intelligence to silently glide through the air like a bird and generate clean onboard energy. KHA offerings comprise aerial based data, intelligence, and communication services to address critical customer needs within various sectors such as emergency and disaster relief, data and telecommunications, defense, agriculture, oil and gas, climate change and wildlife preservation. For more information, visit

About Reticulate Micro, Inc.

Reticulate Micro, Inc. seeks to be a market-leading provider of mission-essential, highly efficient, and ultra-secure video compression and analytics technologies. Our mission is to create and curate communications technology and systems management platforms based on our proprietary VAST™ technology that addresses the issues of limited data transports, deep fakes, and network fragility. Our hardware and software solutions are cloud-connected, coupling our proprietary video encoding algorithms with edge computational density and transport ubiquity, delivering superior video clarity and low latency to support decision-making. Our unique blend of algorithmic compression, data security, and virtualized infrastructure integration delivers immutable, verifiable, and trustworthy video data for military and first responder decision-makers, judicial systems, enterprise infrastructure monitoring and control, and general security solutions.

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