Introducing a New ESA Family that Unlocks Today’s Rapidly Proliferating Space Landscape

VALOR™, Reticulate Micro’s new Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA) family, redefines what is possible in antenna performance in a flexible form factor. Built for scalability as well as multi-network and multi-orbit connectivity, VALOR™ is purpose fit for users across land mobile, airborne, UAVs, maritime, mobile/manpack applications.

The product name – which means great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle, embodies its purpose: to deliver bold, resilient communications for today’s enterprise military and commercial users.

Unlike current flat panel solutions on the market, VALOR™ is competitively priced to current parabolic solutions and can be configured to meet specific use cases without sacrificing size, weight, or power for performance.

Designed to make connecting to multiple networks and satellites as simple as using a cell phone in space, VALOR™ offers one of the industry’s smallest ESAs without sacrificing power.

Trusted Communications Delivered, any platform,
flat or conformal designed to meet your requirements.

With none of the traditional drawbacks of ESAs in power consumption, complexity and cost, VALOR™ offers a new standard in efficiency, rapid beam steering and performance indispensable in today’s multi-constellation environment.

The VALOR™ family is fully scalable to meet specific customer requirements without redeveloping architecture. Our product range includes the VALOR™ MP terminal, Reticulate’s ultra-portable, lightweight solution for rapid deployment to support remote communication in hostile or challenging environments. In an emergency response scenario, it will deliver reliable SATCOM capabilities, coupled with cellular to provide communication redundancy during a major event – be it a natural or man-made disaster.

VALOR’s unique architecture and components result in an unusually high gain-to-noise-temperature (G/T) that supports high bandwidth on a tiny antenna, with the ability to scale to users’ unique requirements.

VALOR™ is fully integrated with other Reticulate products, including VAST™, its powerful video-compression product, and its VESPER™ terminal management platform, which allows satellite operators to provision, deploy, and manage hundreds to thousands of ground terminals from one dashboard, and all Reticulate products feature the industry’s most advanced post-quantum encryption.

Discriminators & Features

VALOR™ was made to offer government to commercial customers the most optimized solutions across competitive requirements of size, weight, power, and cost, with the additional option to power by solar, enabling net-zero carbon emissions.

Flexible & Adaptable
VALOR™ delivers unprecedented flexibility and adaptability to specific customer requirements making them a forward-looking technology that can meet the evolving demands of our new world of multi-orbit satellite communications

Conformal Design Option
VALOR™ prints rather than mounts discrete components directly on the PCB. This unique board design allows you to scale up to any size and manufacture conformal solutions that allows for the seamless integration of our advanced products into various platforms, specifically important in Aero applications.

Thermal Efficiency
Made of organic materials, VALOR’s phase shifters release as much as 9dB less energy than other phase shifters, negating the need for heat sinks and leading to significant improvement in Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Fully Scalable Architecture
Whether your product needs are a small form factor, or an increased sized terminal based on your GT/EIRP to meet SSO bandwidth requirements, our scalability is second to none. We can increase the number of TX or RX tiles to meet your needs without the heavy cost of non-recurring engineering.

Multi-orbit, Multi-beam Capable
We currently offer a two-beam capability, with the ability to generate more beams on demand. To support a multi-orbit capability on the same antenna, we add a second set of Rx and Tx PCBs. This multi-beam architecture eliminates the need to switch a single beam to another satellite, allowing for a more flexible and robust solution.

Modem Agnostic
VALOR™ is modem-agnostic for internal/external integration options, allowing a level of assurance that any system will be future-proofed even as modem technologies evolve.

The proprietary, patented manufacturing process involves printing rather than mounting discrete components. This approach means we can scale up by adding extra PCBs and produce any size and or G/T required by simply adding tiles. Reticulate uses patented and proprietary designs for the phase shifters, patch antennas, and other components, which work together to produce the highest performance, lowest power utilization, and operating cost.

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