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Video Assured Secure Transmission or VASTTM is a revolutionary video compression technology that delivers high-definition video in bandwidth-challenged and high-latency environments.

Video Comparison Of VASTTM
And Current Industry Standards

VAST is a software-based, real-time video and image encoding system that supports AV1. Its primary value is real-time encoding of video at bitrates lower than legacy codecs such as H.264 and HEVC. VAST is specifically tuned to address ultra low-bandwidth requirements experienced in many tactical or edge networks, far exceeding the capability of other encoders with streaming bitrates as low as 40kbps.

VASTTM Features & Benefits

Software-Based Real-Time Compression
Host VASTTM anywhere, from our custom developed compute to your own hardware ecosystem.

Real-Time AV1 Compression
Supporting higher resolutions, frame rates and bit depths than legacy codecs, the AV1 standard offers superior performance especially at low bitrates. It is also uniquely positioned to support computervision and AI applications.

Optimized For Ultra Low-Bandwidth
VASTTM can deliver video as bitrates as low as 40kbps, and is tuned to support HD video at sub-200kbps. Our dynamic resolution and AI rate control features offer enhanced performance at these more demanding resolutions.

Support For Image Compression
VASTTM supports lossy image compression at ratios as high as 2000:1 to support very high resolution images (up to 16k resolution).

Quantum Resistant Cryptography
VASTTM software supports high entropy (quantum resistant) crypto generation for standard encryption schemes such as AES, digital hashing and others.

KLV MISB 0601 Metadata Streaming
The only AV1 streaming solution to offer frame accurate, MISB 0601 compliant, STANAG metadata capabilities.

Support For Video standards and Beyond
VASTTM is based on open standards such as SRT, WebRTC, Matroska and others. With our Quantum Resistant Encryption capabilities we are also able to offer enhanced versions of standards such as Q-SRT.

VAST Edge Compute
Our hardware, including the VASTTM device, is intended to provide both an optimized encoding experience as well as advanced edge compute using Snapdragon 8 gen2, 16gb RAM and AI processing that supports 15 TOPS. Additionally, VASTTM hardware has integrated GPIO capabilities for remote triggering or sensor workflows.


Next generation of secured transmission.
Best in class compression technology.
Scales for any size project.
Any environment, anywhere, real-time.

Transport Resilience

High-definition video and critical sensor information over extremely low throughput communication transports

Data Integrity

Secure transit and storage as the video and sensor data may only be decoded by a signed and validated hardware or software decoder

Deep Fake Mitigation

Video is encoded at the source with our VASTTM technology, making it immutable in transport and storage. This eliminates the ability to manipulate the video ensuring authenticity to the end-user.

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