Introducing The Best-In-Class Satellite Terminal Management Platform

Virtual Engineering for Satellite Performance Enhancement and Resourcing or
VESPERTM is a satellite terminal management platform.

VESPERTM terminal management platform allows users to:
Simplify network complexity and administration with a single pane of glass displaying
fundamental health, metrics and position data across operational networks and terminals
with the option to drill-down and view subcomponent health.

Centrally monitor, manage, control and direct resources where operators can exert precise
control and access to terminals. Switch seamlessly between terminal deployments where
terminals are assigned to mission sets.

Securely expand management reach and range with a scalable solution capable of
accommodating configurations of thousands of terminals across enterprise networks,
whether on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge.

VESPERTM Command Center

VESPERTM Features & Benefits

Single Pane Of Glass - Easy To Use
A single-pane dashboard, simplifying viewing and management, making it more user-friendly.

Flexibility And Adaptability
Simple switching between terminal deployments making organization more intuitive.

Scalable Performance
Scalable, accommodating configurations from one terminal to thousands.

Traffic Management
Optimal routing, traffic shaping, and engineering responsive to load, performance, and conditions.

High Security
Secured with CSFC-based technologies, including quantum resistant encryption.

Enhanced Access Controls
Operators exerting precise control over terminal access and managing configurations effectively.

Broad Network Management
Versatile, compatibility with on-premises networks, cloud setups and other advanced architectures.

Full Auditability
Fully auditable, clear records of all actions taken within the platform.

VESPERTM Local Manager

You have command and control of all terminals across platforms from one simplified dashboard.

VESPERTM Terminal Dashboard

Real-time monitoring and control

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