Visionular and Reticulate Partner for Ultra-Low Bitrate AV1 Live Streaming

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Visionular and Reticulate Partner for Ultra-Low Bitrate AV1 Live Streaming

Transformational Partnership Delivers Industry-disruptive Video Compression and Post-Quantum Encryption to the Broadcast Industry



LOS ALTOS, Calif. and PALM BAY, Fla./ April 23, 2024 / Visionular, a pioneer in AI-driven video compression and streaming, and Reticulate Micro, Inc., a commercial and defense company focused on enabling trusted, resilient communications, today announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize live streaming.

This transformational partnership brings together three best-in-class technologies:

  • Visionular’s Aurora1 AV1 encoder: An AI-powered AV1 encoder that delivers significant bitrate savings while maintaining or improving video quality at low latencies and high CPU-efficiency.
  • Reticulate’s VAST™ video compression product: Enables secure and resilient video transmission for ultra-low-bandwidth requirements with streaming bitrates as low as 40kbps aimed at tactical or edge networks.
  • Quantropi’s QiSpace™ platform: Provides post-quantum cryptography for robust security against future encryption threats.

The result is highly secure, ultra-low-bitrate (sub-100 kbps), ultra-low latency live streaming using the AV1 video coding standard that opens up new possibilities and opportunities in the live streaming industry.

Visionular and Reticulate Micro

Ultra-Low Bitrate AV1 Live Streaming
Powering the underlying video compression is Visionular’s AI-powered technology that utilizes a three-step process for optimal performance:

  • Intelligent Scene Classification to tailor encoding strategies for different video genres (sports, news, etc.) and complexities.
  • AI-powered Enhancement to improve video quality, allowing for even lower bitrates.
  • Region-of-Interest Content-Adaptive Encoding to focus on crucial areas of the frame for seamless playback.

The use of AI in video compression enables Visionular’s customers to greatly improve the user experience and significantly reduce costs (storage, delivery, and transcoding) by 30 to 50% compared with other encoding alternatives.

“This partnership between Visionular and Reticulate signals a milestone in ultra-low bitrate and ultra-low-latency AV1 video streaming,” said Zoe Liu, CTO & Co-Founder of Visionular. “Through the use of AI in video compression, Visionular’s Aurora1 encoder combined with Reticulate’s VASTTM encoding platform, and Quantropi’s QiSpace post-quantum cryptography, we are able to offer a highly secure, robust, ultra-low latency live streaming alternative to the defence and commercial industry, even under ultra-low bitrate network conditions.”

Reticulate’s VASTTM is a software-based, real-time video and image encoding system that supports AV1. It delivers real-time video encoding at bitrates lower than legacy codecs such as H.264 and HEVC. VASTTM is specifically tuned to address ultra-low-bandwidth requirements experienced in many tactical and edge networks, far exceeding the capability of other encoders with streaming bitrates as low as 25kbps.

“Our relationship with Visionular enables a uniquely accretive capability that is truly unprecedented. Select customers will have exclusive access to ultra-secure High-Definition video over extremely low-bitrate connections at exceptionally low latency,” said Joshua Cryer, President and CEO of Reticulate Micro. “We are excited about delivering this disruptive and exclusive capability to a world that must counter the threats of quantum computing, disconnected intermittent and limited connections, and the era of deep fakes.

This combined solution empowers businesses in sports, news, gaming, and in the defence sector to:

  • Deliver ultra-low-bitrate live streaming services.
  • Reduce storage and delivery costs by 30-50% using the AV1 video codec.
  • Stream MISB 601 KLV Metadata with the AV1 codec.
  • Future-proof content security with post-quantum cryptography.

About Visionular
Visionular is a next-generation video encoding, processing, and streaming software and cloud solution company. With over 100 enterprise customers globally, Visionular leverages the power of AI and machine learning to deliver high-quality video streaming at minimal bitrates. Visionular’s solutions empower video streaming services to reduce CDN and compute costs while improving the visual quality of their videos. For more information, please visit

About Reticulate Micro, Inc.
Reticulate Micro, Inc., with headquarters in Palm Bay, Florida, is a commercial and defense technology company dedicated to delivering trusted and resilient communications over any transport and in any environment. Reticulate is building one of the world’s first Post-Quantum-encrypted open-systems platforms for robust video streaming, simplified terminal management and satellite mobile connectivity in austere environments and diverse orbital regimes. Serving the defense, mobility, broadcasting, enterprise infrastructure monitoring and security sectors, Reticulate Micro and its newest business segment Reticulate Space embrace open standards across its software and product offerings.


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